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  1. Development Poliy Stance on the Topic of Land Grabbing

    This paper analyses the battle for land in developing countries. It starts by giving a general overview of the need to increase investments in agriculture to counteract a rising number of people suffering from hunger. The growing demand for food, but also for raw materials to generate energy, leads...
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  2. Foreign Direct Investment in Land in Developing Countries

    On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the GTZ Sector Projects “Land Management”, “Agricultural Policy and Food Security“ and the Future Initiative “AgroInvest” have published a new study about „Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Land in developing...
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  3. Foreign Direct Investment in the Agricultural Sector in Ethopia

    Ethiopia is chosen for this case study since the countries government puts a lot of effort on attracting FDIs in order to push agricultural and rural development. FDI flows in the agribusiness sector have increased highly in Ethiopia in the last 3 years (since 2006). As Ethiopia is among the most...
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  4. Enhancing Agricultural Performance – An Inside Job

    In Zambia, the European Commission is set to play a secondary role, supporting the government’s Performance Enhancement Programme in agriculture and livestock. The driving force of the programme is to come from the ministries themselves.
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  5. Land Grabbing in Kenya and Mozambique

    Over the past years vast tracks of agricultural lands have been taken over by foreign firms. Much of this land is located in African countries with fast increasing populations suffering hunger and under-nourishment. Such land grabbing has been happening largely outside public scrutiny. It has...
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