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  1. Contributions to the Debate on the Future of EU Budget Support

    As the European Commission and the Member States of the European Union are busy shaping the future of EU Budget Support, voices from civil society and developing countries call for strengthened budget support as one of the most effective ways of providing aid to poor countries.
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  2. Smart Procurement for More Effective Aid

    More aid contracts being won locally could boost development and job creation in partner countries, according to a new report by the European Network on Debt and Development, Eurodad.
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  3. Developing the Collective Change Capacity of Societies

    Over 3,000 development officials have gathered in Busan, South Korea, this week for an important forum on aid effectiveness. According to Vice President of the World Bank Institute Sanjay Pradhan, who is attending the event, capacity development has yet to attain its full potential for changing...
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  4. Document de référence nr. 12: Impliquer les acteurs non étatiques dans les nouvelles modalités d'aide – Pour améliorer les programmes de développement et la gouvernance - 2011

    Le présent document cherche à explorer ce domaine d’action relativement inédit. Il s’appuie sur le bilan de l’action entreprise par la CE en matière de soutien à la société civile et de mise en...
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  5. Reference document nr. 12 – Engaging Non-State Actors in New Aid Modalities - For better development outcomes and governance – 2011

    This document calls on Civil Society to play a more active role in the aid effectiveness agenda, particularly in relation to budgetary processes. It is aimed at guiding Delegations on how to meet the participatory requirement, bringing together Non-State and State actors into the processes of...
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