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Marc LINTS uploaded a new Document 13 May 2018

cette épopée méconnue, celle du marronnage : en Guyane, on appelait les « noirs marrons » les esclaves en fuite qui trouvaient protection dans l’immense et insondable forêt.

Amouzou Bedi posted news 16 May 2018


Laura Zorrilla Fernandez uploaded a new Document 11 June 2018

MIEUX has launched a new thematic factsheet on the topic of migration and gender.

Pierre Berman posted Information 13 June 2018

In December 2017, the Research, Network & Support Facility (RNSF) organized a workshop in Lima, Peru.

Jose F Martinez uploaded a new Document 16 June 2018

El 14 de junio de 2018, los gobiernos de la UE y Honduras han finalizado la etapa de negociaciones y han rubricado el Acuerdo Voluntario de Asociación.

Roser Cabré-Verdiell Surribas posted Information 25 June 2018

The EU and Honduras have concluded negotiations on a Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT). The agreement will help improve forest governance, address illegal logging and promote trade in verified legal timber products.

Between the 23-25 April 2018, a regional planning workshop took place in Geogretown, Guyana, concerning the design of a new framework for a successor programme in the Caribbean Region.

Alina Orrico uploaded a new Document 13 September 2018