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  1. Southern Voice Welcomes Technical Cooperation Reform

    Measures to reform how the European Commission delivers aid by rethinking approaches to technical cooperation, have been welcomed by a leading Southern representative in Aid Effectiveness, Talaat Abdel-Malek, recently appointed as co-chair of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness in the...
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  2. Public Administration Reform in Morocco

    The government of Morocco is engaged in an ambitious programme of public sector reform. Some eight years into the programme, experience shows that such reform is time consuming and requires cross-ministerial support and robust regulation to be successful, writes Pierre Hennebert, E4 EuropeAid in a...
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  3. Explaining the Complexities of Public Sector Reform

    Can the complexities and challenges of public sector reform be explained in understandable language and clear terms? Test it yourself - for this is what the new reference document produced by unit E4 in EuropeAid sets out to do.
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  4. Why State Building is not working in DR Congo

    At a recent debate at the European Commission's EuropeAid headquarters, Theodore Trefon, who is also a contributor and editor of the 2005 book, "Reinventing Order in the Congo", sparked a lively debate with his hard-hitting assessment of donor short-comings in Africa's largest...
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  5. Technical Cooperation reform: News from the ground

    The Backbone Strategy takes different forms depending on the country context. EC Delegations play a leading role, with Headquarters support, in the dialogue with partners about technical cooperation. Read here news from the ground extracted from mission reports and other briefs. Mission reports...
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  6. FYSON (2009) Sending in the consultants: development agencies, the private sector and the reform of public finance in low-income countries

    This paper offers a conceptual framework to understand the relationship between donors, governments and donor-funded consultants who come in to implement Public Finance Management Reforms. The paper...
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  7. A First Ever: The Joint Governance Assessment in Rwanda

    Rwanda has broken the mould and shown that a partner country can take the lead in assessing the quality of its governance, producing a Joint Governance Assessment Report in September 2008. In the process, the Rwandan government consulted with multiple donors, attracted qualified consultants,...
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