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Javier Burgos created a new WIKI page 28 January 2016

The SPHIP - ST provides support to eight European Union grants in DR Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos and Haiti, with the common thematic of Strengthening Public Health and to improve their project implementation in order to increase the coherence, efficiency and visibilit

Anonymous created a new WIKI page 2 November 2017

Gennaro Volpe uploaded a new Document 17 November 2017

First findings and work plan of the EU Technical Assistance until October 2019 (drafted in July 2017)

Anonymous created a new WIKI page 29 November 2017

Résumé du projet

Cofinancé par l’Autriche et l’Union Européenne dans le cadre du FFU et avec un budget de 10 M € pour une durée de mise en œuvre de 3 ans, le projet vise deux objectifs spécifiques :


Briac Deffobis created a new WIKI page 13 December 2017

L'UE dans le secteur santé au Burkina Faso

1. L'UE rejoint le secteur de la santé en 2013

Zena Mouawad posted Information 5 March 2018

A collection of Voices & Views articles on bridging the humanitarian and development sectors is available on Capacity4dev. This discussion is constantly updated with recently published articles.

Briac Deffobis created a new WIKI page 7 March 2018