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Workers in the African informal economy are generally not covered by adequate social protection.  Existing social insurance mechanisms are generally not adapted to the structure of the labour force and access to social assistance programmes is limited. This makes informal workers a very vulnerable and sizable proportion of the African population.
If African countries are to develop, they need highly skilled local professionals, especially in core technologies. In Burkina Faso, the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE) provides training that gives executives skills to meet key African economic development challenges.
Traditional fishing is an important source of economic activity in the impoverished West African nation of Guinea, where the European Commission's Food Facility has undertaken a project to boost the sector through awareness, training and provision of better equipment.
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12 September 2014

This group aims to gather people who are interested in underdeveloped countries in West Africa

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In much of the developed world, most work is formal – people pay taxes and social security contributions granting them access to health care, social benefits, and legal protection to enforce their workers’ rights. But in the developing world, informal work is the norm and protecting informal sector workers’ rights – whether that’s their right to fair pay and working conditions or protection from abusive labour practices – can be difficult.
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Regional Project to Support Migrant Children and Young Workers (PRAEJEM): Learning kits to promote literacy and

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Cofinancé par l’Autriche et l’Union Européenne dans le cadre du FFU et avec un budget de 10 M € pour une durée de mise en œuvre de 3 ans, le projet vise deux objectifs spécifiques :