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  1. 'Girl Friendly' School Spaces in Somalia

    Watch this video explaining the importance of providing school spaces and female teachers for girls in Somalia. Created by the European Union (EU), this video addresses the problem of female education and looks at why many Somalian girls do not go to school. It then showcases a local project...
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  2. Le Fond Bêkou Amène un Nouvel Espoir pour un Groupement des Femmes

    Le groupement WALO TIRAL (main dans le main) est une initiative des femmes musulmanes créée depuis le 05 Avril 2008 dans la zone de Koui en RCA et compose de 20 membres. Jusqu'à présent ces femmes, marginalisées dans la société, n'avaient jamais bénéficié d’un appui extérieur. Pendant la crise de...
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  3. Gender-based violence and education

    The estimates are shocking: according to UNESCO , around 246 million girls and boys are subjected to some form of gender based violence (GBV) in and around schools every year – including sexual abuse and corporal punishment. While more research is needed to understand how these problems can be...
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  4. Fighting inequality with education

    The latest Eurobarometer survey shows that European support for developing countries remains strong – The majority of Europeans (89%) think that it is important to help developing countries. According to the survey, European citizens see peace and security (37%), and education (35%) as the most...
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  5. International Day of the Girl Child

    It's time to unleash the power and potential of 1.1 billion girls around the world! Globally 89% of girls complete primary education, but only 77% complete lower secondary education, which in most countries is 9 years of schooling. Limited educational opportunities for girls has negative...
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