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  1. Enabling Communities to Tackle Climate Change

    Around the tables at the Climate Change Conference in Paris, nations are striving to reach consensus on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and damage to the environment. To turn recommendations into results, all stakeholders need to be able to participate and be heard in the planning stages...
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  2. Integration of Amazon Protected Areas - Amazon Vision

    Integration of Amazon Biome Protected Areas (IAPA) - Amazon Vision is a project financed by the European Union, which seeks to create a network around the protected areas systems located in the Amazon region. The project started as a support to the regional initiative Vision for preserving the...
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  3. Governance and Sustainability

    Group driven by the interest in disseminating knowledge, innovations, good practice, news related to the promotion of Governance & Sustainability
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  4. Ecosystem-based approaches to DRR and CCA

    Wetlands International promotes the ecosystem based approach to DRR/CCA and encourages its mainstreaming and integration into development policies
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    Public group owned by Wetlands 21 September 2016
  5. Views from the Field: In Conversation with the EU Ambassador to Haiti

    Haiti has struggled to recover from a devastating earthquake in 2010 which exacerbated existing development challenges. Ambassador Vincent Degert discusses how development and humanitarian actors are working together to build resilience on the island in the face of continued threats. He also...
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  6. Civil society sharing lessons on participation and forest governance

    When civil society organisations in Indonesia began proposing ways to end illegal logging, they knew they had a mountain to climb. In 2002, some 80 percent of logging there was illegally. Corruption and conflict were widespread. Trust was lacking. By 2016, however, Indonesia had largely brought its...
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  7. Técnicos de las áreas protegidas del Bioma Amazónico socializaron Protocolo de Efectividad de Manejo

    Bogotá, mayo 31 de 2017 En el Taller de Efectividad de Manejo realizado en Leticia, Colombia, el 23 y 24 de mayo, participó el Grupo Temático de este mismo componente, conformado por técnicos de las áreas protegidas del Bioma Amazónico. Socializar el Protocolo de Efectividad de Manejo a nivel de...
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