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Gareth Williams posted Information 17 October 2011

This 20 minute presentation covers the main findings of a study of the political economy of the roads sector in Uganda conducted by David Booth and Frederick Golooba-Mutebi for DFID in 2008.

Anonymous uploaded a new Document 12 January 2012

Please, find attached an article which has been forwarded by a member (username: ANDRIANTAVY). Mr Hary ANDRIANTAVY, CEO of ADER (Agence de Développement de l'Electrification Rurale) inform us about the wind energy development in Madagascar.

Gareth Williams posted Information 12 January 2012

This 20 minute interview with Clare Brogan from theIDLgroup discusses her experience of working within the Ghana Forestry Commission and the negotiations for the Voluntary Partnership Agreement under the EU Forest Law and Environmental Governance and Trade (FLEGT) initiative.

Gareth Williams posted Information 12 January 2012

Political economy analysis covers an expanding area of development theory and practice drawing on an extensive and dispersed body of literature. The attached annotated bibliography of key readings provides an aid to navigating this wide-ranging subject area.

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 19 January 2012

In the second half of 2011 several plants were connected to the grid, new projects were announced and substantial projects were cancelled.

So, what´s in store for the CSP industry in 2012?

Bea Gonzalez posted Information 7 February 2012

By Giles Parkinson in New South Wales

James Morris uploaded a new Document 10 February 2012


Release Date: February, 2012