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The Accra Agenda for Action (AAA) mentions capacity development (CD) not less than 16 times. So CD certainly succeeded in securing a strong position on the agenda. But how do all these words get turned into action?
The Secretariat of OECD's Development and Assistance Committee has drawn up an inventory of existing approaches to capacity development among its member countries and multilateral donors. The inventory is a useful tool for comparing donors' capacity development policies, how those policies are put into operation, and to what extent the Accra Agenda for Action priorities have already been incorporated.
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Search the web for capacity development (CD) tools and methodologies and you are likely to find hundreds or even thousands of references, particularly if you include "organisational development" in your search. So how can one find a way through this jungle of material?
With the support of the Learning Network for Capacity Development, sector-specific in-country learning events are now offered for donors and partners.
The European Commission is taking a lead role in championing a results-driven reform of technical cooperation. In a video interview to mark the launch of the new platform, Koos Richelle, Director General of the Commission's development arm, EuropeAid, explains the modalities of that reform.
Measures to reform how the European Commission delivers aid by rethinking approaches to technical cooperation, have been welcomed by a leading Southern representative in Aid Effectiveness, Talaat Abdel-Malek, recently appointed as co-chair of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness in the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD. 
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 26 May 2009
EuropeAid's new open platform for more effective technical cooperation aims at becoming an indispensable tool for development practitioners, says Wojciech Lubowiecki, head of the editorial team of the platform, in this welcome note.
For almost two decades, a collapsed government and battling warlords have made Somalia a byword for anarchy.
The government of Morocco is engaged in an ambitious programme of public sector reform. Some eight years into the programme, experience shows that such reform is time consuming and requires cross-ministerial support and robust regulation to be successful, writes Pierre Hennebert, E4 EuropeAid in a new report.
Can the complexities and challenges of public sector reform be explained in understandable language and clear terms? Test it yourself - for this is what the new reference document produced by unit E4 in EuropeAid sets out to do.