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Many efforts to strengthen and modernise Public Expenditure Management in developing countries risk joining a long-line of failures. But, in a new paper, expert Daniel Tommasi explains how proper PEM design and phased implementation can yield positive results. In his paper, "Strengthening Public Expenditure Management in Developing Countries: Sequencing Issues", published in March, Mr Tommasi says that to improve PEM in developing countries, partners must first take into account the country's context and culture.
In this recent provocative paper, "The Challenge of Reforming Budgetary Institutions in Developing Countries", author Richard Allen bridges an important gap in the existing literature on Public Expenditure Management, offering a thought provoking yet practical guide to help countries design and implement new PEM legislation and procedure.
There's a host of literature available on Public Finance Management (PFM) Reform. To better navigate what's available, the UK's Department for International Development has commissioned this Review of PFM Reform Literature.
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Efforts to strengthen and modernise Public Expenditure Management (PEM) in developing countries have been underway for decades, yet results have often proved disappointing.

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This paper offers a conceptual framework to understand the relationship between donors, governments and donor-funded consultants who come in to implement Public Finance Management Reforms.  The paper explores the lines of accountability that are drown between these different set of actors.

To whom is a private sector consultant accountable, the donor paying their bill or the country to which they are providing technical assistance? Private sector consultants are widely used in managing and implementing Public Finance Management reform, yet questions of accountability, and consultants' role in influencing the reform agenda is under examined. 
The darkest days of the global financial crisis are fading away to reveal green shoots of economic growth in much of the developed world. But in developing nations the effects of the downturn are still being felt and could get worse, say some experts who want to see more decisive action from donors.
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The worst of the global financial crisis may have passed, but could a sovereign debt crisis follow in its wake? This tale of two crises is still to play out, according to the World Bank’s Carlos Braga.
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A European Commission programme of budget support in Paraguay has enabled the government to address weaknesses within the country’s financial administration systems, according to Sergio Forte, Deputy Minister of Finance.