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The European Commission is taking a lead role in championing a results-driven reform of technical cooperation. In a video interview to mark the launch of the new platform, Koos Richelle, Director General of the Commission's development arm, EuropeAid, explains the modalities of that reform.
Measures to reform how the European Commission delivers aid by rethinking approaches to technical cooperation, have been welcomed by a leading Southern representative in Aid Effectiveness, Talaat Abdel-Malek, recently appointed as co-chair of the Working Party on Aid Effectiveness in the Development Assistance Committee of the OECD. 
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EuropeAid's new open platform for more effective technical cooperation aims at becoming an indispensable tool for development practitioners, says Wojciech Lubowiecki, head of the editorial team of the platform, in this welcome note.
For almost two decades, a collapsed government and battling warlords have made Somalia a byword for anarchy.
The regional workshops provide an occasion for colleagues working on democratic governance to meet and exchange experiences and ideas. This year, key topics included presentations and discussions on:
Donors are particularly concerned about three issues: 1) Will we get the agreed results? 2) Can we spend the amount of money we intended to spend? and 3) Will they be spent effectively and efficiently? Technical assistance is a classical way of minimising uncertainty and risks relating to these issues.
In the present phase of EC support to the health sector in the Philippines, the commission contracts TA personnel. This will change in 2011 when the government will take charge of recruitment and management of TA. The radical reform of TA delivery, proposed by government and welcomed by the delegation, poses a huge challenge to both parties who have to turn agreed reform principles into practice.
Over five days in May, the TC reform was presented, discussed, and brought "down to earth" in Manila in the Philippines. The EC Delegation had organised this first flexible learning and coaching process in close dialogue with the Brussels-based reform task team.  
Early this year, as part of the so called External Assistance Management Report (EAMR), all delegations were asked to map their significant ongoing technical cooperation support and major features of Programme Implementation Units. A first summary of this mapping exercise has now been prepared.   The mapping exercise is summarised in five findings:
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Find short answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Backbone Strategy for TC reform and the Guidelines here. The FAQs will be updated and amended regularly.