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28 May 2009 to 29 May 2009

*Aim of the conference *

This open international conference is intended as an arena for discussions
around recent findings in the
field of integrated water resources management (IWRM).
This conference will show the major findings from the EC-funded FP6 project
The conference is open and external oral presentations are highly encouraged.
Contributions from reseachers,
water managers, river basin planners and policy makers will be emphasised.
Besides oral presentations in plenary and parallel session, break-out working
groups discussing various
IWRM-issues will ensure active participation of all attendance.

*Questions to be addressed*

* How to use research results in operational water management?
* How can the science-policy interactions and stakeholder participation be
* What are the lessons learnt and tools in IWRM

16 April 2011 to 18 April 2011

*International Workshop on Energy, Environment and Architecture Engineering
(EEAE 2011)
IEEE能源,环境与建筑工程国际研讨会(Ei检索)* [1] *April 16 -18, 2011 Xianning, China*

EEAE 2011 aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers
and engineers to present and discuss recent advances, new techniques and
applications in the field of Energy, Environment and Architecture Engineering
Proceedings of this event will be published by IEEE and will be indexed by EI
*注册费:*  注册费:RMB 2100, 学生和IEEE会员RMB
*Submission System投稿地址为: * [2]
*全文截稿日期:*  2011年2月25日
*Paper submission Deadline:*  Dec.25, 2011
*Topics include but are not limited to:*
Energy Engineering (能源工程)
Environment Engineering (环境工程)
Road and Bridge Engineering (道路与桥梁工程)
Architecture and Urban planning (建筑与城市规划)
*联系信息:* [3]


From2 October 2012
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUNEP, ILO, MEP Vice Chair Environment Gerbrandy, MEP Vice Chair Employment Schroedter

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/*This event has now taken place. Please see related documents in the
righthand column.*/

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>> Interview with Steven Stone, Chief of the Economics and Trade Branch at
the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), about the ways forward
towards a green economy after Rio+20

>> Interview with Peter Poschen, Director of the Job Creation and Enterprise
Development Department at the International Labour Organization (ILO), about
the impact of the transition to a green economy on the labour market

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**At this event we will discuss Green Jobs in the context of Rio+20 outcomes
on the Green Economy, and how a greener economy can make a major
contribution to poverty reduction and social inclusion. **

***Our recent report will be a key contributor to the discussions: /Working
towards sustainable development – Opportunities for decent work and social
inclusion in a green economy/ [1].***

***Hosted by MEP **Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy**, Vice-Chair of the Environment
Committee (ALDE), & MEP **Elisabeth Schroedter**, Vice Chair of the
Employment Committee (EFA/Greens). Other speakers ***

** *Steven Stone**, Chief of UNEP's Economics and Trade Branch Division*
*Peter Poschen**, ILO Director of Job Creation and Enterprise
Development Department  * *Cristiana Pasca Palmer**, Head of
Unit Climate Change, Environment, Natural Resources, Water, DG
DevCo /*tbc/* *Santiago Loranca-Garcia**, Head of Unit Employment
Strategies, DG Employment* **

** *The interventions by the speakers will be followed by a Q&A session.
2 October  |  13:30 to 15:00
European Parliament  |  room P4B 001
/Badge collection from entrance ASP Place Luxembourg 12:45-13:15/
If you experience problems with the registration form please contact Floris
Tack at [2] and kindly state your name, organization, position,
date of birth, nationality and passport/ID number



From17 October 2012
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Union

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Ms Amina Mohamed to participate - UN Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy
Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) 

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*Post Rio+20: which strategy for sustainable and inclusive growth?*

*Parliaments and civil society fostering a new Global Development Agenda*

*High Level Panel organised by the Committee on Development*

*of the European Parliament*

European Development Days 2012

Tour & Taxis, Auditorium D -Brussels

 17 October 2012

from 11.00 to 12.30

Rio+20 has shown that social development still lags behind economic progress,
and that our measurement of sustainable development needs to advance beyond
the quantitative. Its two main themes - the green economy in the context of
poverty eradication and an institutional framework for sustainable
development - offer an important entry point to mainstream "inclusion" in
sustainable development. The EU's Agenda for Change offers a good opportunity
to (i) build on the objective of "inclusive growth" (ii) undertake a critical
review of what has worked and what has not in the field of sustainable
development in the past two decades; and (iii) strengthen the foundations for
a shared and inclusive development agenda.

Key objectives

-To discuss to what extent the lessons learnt from Rio+20 could be integrated
into a single unified development agenda for all countries after 2015

-Identify what role national parliaments and CSO can and should play in this

-What should be, from our perspective, the contribution of the EU’s "Agenda
for Change" on the process leading to the adoption of universal Sustainable
Development Goals and the post-2015 MDGs landscape

Key discussion points

-The first section will be devoted to analyse the proposal included in the
Agenda for Change on "inclusive growth" and will include the missing element
"fighting inequity"

-The second section will assess the main outcomes of the Rio+20 Conference
and identify the challenges towards a green economy and a new institutional
framework for sustainable development

-The third section will discuss the role of development aid, including the
EU's, to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth   

Event format

The event will focus on an open debate, in order to profit as much as
possible from the presence of development and environmental experts from
around the world at the EDDs. The panellists will provide a short
introduction into the subject. The main part of the event will consist of an
interactive exchange, both among the panellists and between the panellists
and the audience, to be summarised in concluding remarks by the Members of
the European Parliament.


Introductory remarks:  Mr Michael Cashman, MEP

-Mr Tilman Altenburg, Head of Department Competitiveness and Social
Development, German Development Institute (DIE)

-Ms Amina Mohamed, Assistant Secretary General, UNEP

-Hon. Alice Alaso Asianut, Chairperson of the Natural Resources Committee of
the Parliament of Uganda

-Mr Johan Kuylenstierna, Executive Director of  Stockholm Environment

-Mr Olivier Consolo, Director of CONCORD

-Mr Jean Marc Chataigner, Directeur génèral adjoint, Direction de la
Mondialisation, du développement et des partenariats au ministère des
Affaires étrangères et européennes français.

-Ms Sigrid Kaag, Head of UNDP Delegation to the EDDs, UN Assistant
Secretary-General and UNDP Assistant Administrator


Moderated by: Ms Isabella Lövin, MEP

> More information and updates here [1]

> How to get there [2]

EDD12 floor plan [3]


From16 October 2012
in 1000 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Development Days (EDDs)

The event will explore possibilities for *boosting quality investment in
Africa's private sector. *

From4 June 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUNEP, DG Enivronment

This event takes Sustainable Cites [1] as its focus - an important outcome
of Rio+20 [2], and one where air quality factors greatly since cities consume
70% of global energy, emit 70% of greenhouse gas emissions and where their
expansion presents a range of challenges.


From5 June 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUNEP, DG Enivronment, International Resource Panel



From7 May 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byThis event is brought to you by UNEP, UNITAR, the European Environmental Bureau and the World Resources Institute, whom work in a partnership to further promote the application of Principle 10.


From5 June 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUNEP, DG Enivronment, International Resource Panel





From27 September 2013
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Commission - Europeaid Unit C2 Environment, Climate change, Natural resources and Water - in collaboration with UNITAR and UNEP