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valentina barca uploaded a new Document 8 May 2019

This study discusses evidence to inform practice for improved emergency preparedness and response in LAC, linked to more flexible national social protection systems.

Javier Burgos uploaded a new Document 23 April 2019

In the Support to Public Health Institutes Programme (SPHIP), Institutes from different countries of the South help each other with knowledge, technical assistance and lessons learned to strengthen Universal Health Coverage.

Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 31 October 2018

Presentation by Jacques Charmes, RNSF Research Expert

made during the 4th webinar on Organizing Informal Workers

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 24 October 2018


Good Practice: Financial education and creation of financial instruments accessible to informal economic operators


Key Areas of Good Practice

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 17 October 2018


Good Practice - Theatre and community radio; powerful tools of social change. The promotion and use of popular theatre and community radios as a means of raising awareness, building self-esteem and advocacy

Anonymous uploaded a new Document 27 September 2018

This is the course material of the one-day course on Context for Development -- Fragility and Conflict Sensitivity.

Christophe Legrand uploaded a new Document 1 June 2018

Under the framework of the Global Climate Change Alliance Plus (GCCA+) flagship initiative of the European Union and responding to a need identified by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre (CCCCC),  the European Commission Directorate-General for International Cooperation and Development

Christophe Legrand uploaded a new Document 1 June 2018

Climate change poses a serious threat to sustainable development, impacting negatively on livelihoods, ecosystems, infrastructure, health and the productive sectors.

Emma Maisonnave uploaded a new Document 13 April 2018
Project: PARAQ

Dans le cadre de son programme de reconstruction, d'aménagement urbain et de développement économique de Christ Roi, Solidarités International a réalisé un schéma d'aménagement du quartier, en collaboration avec ses habitants.

Emma Maisonnave uploaded a new Document 13 April 2018
Project: PARAQ

Dans les mois qui ont suivi le tremblement de terre de 2010, la communauté humanitaire a été confrontée à des limites et défis, ce qui a déclenché des réflexions et des discussions sur l'intervention dans des zones urbaines aussi densément peuplées.