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Anastase Shyaka heads the Rwanda Governance Advisory Council, which functions as the secretariat to the Joint Governance Assessment process, and provi
Rwanda has broken the mould and shown that a partner country can take the lead in assessing the quality of its governance, producing a Joint Governance Assessment Report in September 2008. In the process, the Rwandan government consulted with multiple donors, attracted qualified consultants, designed a methodology, ignored or integrated existing global and domestically produced assessments and indicators and cooperated and discussed with multiple state and non-state actors
Donors face strong incentives to undertake their own assessment of the governance situation in partner countries, with various objectives responding to different needs. Still, quite often, there is space for better coordination.
The impact of Technical cooperation (TC) delivery in Mozambique is unsatisfactory and strategic and coordinated planning of TC is urgent required. This, in a nutshell, is the general consensus that came out of a series of meetings attended in March 2009 by Ms Manzitti, with EC Delegation staff, EU Member States and represtative of the government of Mozambique.
Capacity4dev Team created a new Article 10 July 2009
It may seem straightforward to prepare Terms of Reference for an assessment of the capacity of an organisation or a group of organisations. But actually it is not that simple. Good TOR must, among other things, provide clear indications of why the assessment is made, who will make it and how and when they'll do this.
The Backbone Strategy takes different forms depending on the country context. EC Delegations play a leading role, with Headquarters support, in the dialogue with partners about technical cooperation. Read here news from the ground extracted from mission reports and other briefs. Mission reports:  
The preparation of the Backbone Strategy included comprehensive consultations with EC Delegations and EU Member States. Different reviews of on the different procedures used when providing technical cooperation were also prepared. 1. Court of Auditors Report on "The effectiveness of TA in the context of capacity development"
You'll find here internal documents related to EC technical cooperation reform such as minutes of the Steering Committee meetings, working tools, reports, etc; which will help you follow the implementation of the Backbone Strategy. Minutes of Steering Committee Meetings:
Asian TC mapping presentation Mar09 Jos Jonckers and Franck Viault from EuropeAid's Asia office in Brussels highlight the results of the mapping exercise in Asia and look at the next steps to follow.
The Director General of EuropeAid, Koos Richelle, has circulated the new Guidelines on Making Technical Assistance More Effective and urged staff across the European Commission to take a leading role in implementing technical cooperation reform. "Your dedicated involvement and leadership are critical to achieve, in the coming months, tangible improvements in the way TC programmes are designed and managed," said Mr Richelle in an instruction note to staff and delegations.