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Patricia Rodriguez Fortun created a new WIKI page 5 March 2018


    Here you will find a series of success stories on the main topics of our group: environmental mainstreaming, climate change and green economy.

    Katharine Mill created a new WIKI page 20 February 2017

    DEVCO Environment Week 2017 took place from 6-10 February 2017 in Brussels. The week comprised two seminars:

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    Hanna Petri created a new WIKI page 26 June 2016

    During the 1992 Conference on Environment and Development, also known as the Earth Summit, three legally binding agreements ('Rio Conventions') were signed by developed and developing countries: (1) Convention on Biological Diversity; (2) UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and (3)

    Enrique Rebolledo created a new WIKI page 1 June 2016

    Energy Climate House, a division of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), a Brussels based European policy research institute, has an immediate vacancy for a (Senior) Research Fellow – “EU Energy Markets”

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    DEVCO has developed a comprehensive toolbox to support environment and climate change mainstreaming in EU International Cooperation and Development.

    You can find here the main tools available:

    Alexandru Ghiurca created a new WIKI page 26 February 2016

    The series of  "Sector Notes" for the Integration of Environment and Climate Change into EU International Cooperation and Development is designed to provide practical guidance on the links between environmental protection/climate change and specific sectors and the opportunities

    Enrique Rebolledo created a new WIKI page 24 September 2015

    The Green Climate Fund (“the Fund”) is a new multilateral fund created to make a significant and ambitious contribution to the global efforts towards attaining the goals set by the international community to combat climate change.