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Rahel Dette uploaded a new Document 24 November 2014
Group: innov-aid

Excerpt: A constant challenge for humanitarian actors is how to meaningfully include and adequately consult so-called beneficiary populations.

Delia Leonte uploaded a new Document 3 November 2014

Reference document to the "Guidance paper for the submission of projects, October 2014", as referred to in page 4.

Regulation No 1052/2013 establishing the European Border Surveillance System (Eurosur)

Alba Riobó Souto posted Information 25 February 2014

The United Nations 2013 World Youth Report offers a broad understanding of the situation of young migrants from the perspective of young migrants themselves.

Vincent Chasteloux posted Information 14 August 2013

Cette étude vise à cerner les atouts et les contraintes de la protection sociale des migrants sénégalais en Gambie et en Côte d’Ivoire au travers d’une analyse des cadres institutionnel, législatif et réglementaire notamment en matière d’entrée, de séjour et de travail des migrants.