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Zena Mouawad uploaded a new Document 1 February 2019

From a humanitarian perspective, contributing to inclusive Social protection systems, can (i) increase resilience of poorest households thereby lessening the impacts of shocks and the need for humanitarian assistance, (ii) allow for their scaling-up to respond to shocks and crises more quickly, (

Katharine Mill uploaded a new Document 12 October 2018

Slideshow in PDF format from the 10 October 2018 presentation by Dr Conrad Aveling at the event, Time’s up for the planet! No development without biodiversity, organised by the European Parliament Intergroup on “Climate Change, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development.


Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 1 August 2018

RESEARCH QUESTION: 4-Innovative approaches to enhance livelihoods, equity and inclusion of people dependent on the informal economy.

SUB-TOPICS (Research matrix): Social inclusion promotion (awareness raising on social inclusion in IE) (4.3)

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 1 August 2018

RESEARCH QUESTION: 3 - Direct actions in communities

SUB-TOPICS (Research matrix): Improving coordination and collaboration between organisations to develop informal economy enterprises (3.4; 4.1)

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 11 June 2018

SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Capacity strengthening of government and civil society organisations, including on micro-finance (1.9)

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 11 June 2018

SUB-TOPIC (Research matrix): Advocacy with government to improve legal and policy frameworks to support informal economy enterprises (1.2)

PROJECT NAME: Support to SME development in Mongolia

YEAR: 08/2011 – 05/2016

Alessio Lupi uploaded a new Document 17 May 2018


2.1.1 Global and regional strategies for livelihoods with attention to social inclusion


Pierre Berman posted Information 16 April 2018

Rural population depending on agricultural activities in remote areas are usually belonging to the informal sector because of the low level of formalization of the production means, absence of formal and legally recognized business entity, … This lack of formalization is also one of the causes of

Pierre Berman posted Information 2 March 2018

Access to credit is of fundamental importance in the development and sustainability of an entrepreneurial project.