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The failure of public servants to deliver basic goods and services, or ‘quiet corruption’, is a having a deeply negative impact on impoverished societies across Africa, according to a new World Bank report.
maria Vink uploaded a new Document 15 March 2010


“Carrying forward the Commitments of the Sharm el Sheikh AU Summit on Water and Sanitation: A Sprint to the Finish”

Johannesburg, 9-11th November 2009, 2008


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4 March 2010

This group is composed of all colleagues working in EU delegation across the region.

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Thorben Kruse posted Information 15 February 2010

It was with this aim in mind that the Secretariat of the Sahel and West Africa Club (SWAC/OECD) had organised and moderated this regional dialogue at a time when many questions were being asked in West Africa about current reforms of land laws; property rights and rules on land expropriation (gov

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From user involvement to user initiative: the role of priority identification in facilitating sustainability in renewable energy projects - Temilade Agbaje (EWB-UK research conference 2009 prese

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For too long, renewables in Africa have been associated solely with off-grid projects for poverty alleviation. However, things are changing fast.
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Presentation of the project entitled "Scientific and Technical Support to Sustainable Energy Development in Africa: rural electrification, renewable energy and communication".

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Thorben Kruse posted Information 21 January 2010

Bringing together some 200 participants (government representatives, parliamentarians, farmers and agricultural producers, investors and representatives from regional organisations, international agencies, research institutes, NGOs, etc.), the Bamako meeting highlighted a large diversity of view