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Marc LINTS posted news 26 April 2019

Voici l’annonce importante pour l’avenir de la Culture dans les Relations Extérieures de l’Union Européenne et celle donc de la Coopération Internationale

Marc LINTS posted news 11 April 2019

L’appel de Gaïa


Marc LINTS posted news 1 April 2019


Sandra Oliveira posted news 1 April 2019
Programme: DEAR
Amouzou Bedi posted news 16 March 2019

Knowledge has an important role to play in addressing development issues, but this requires access to information as well as the availability of relevant and useful knowledge. Knowledge is central to sustainable development. Knowledge is essential for survival and sustainability.

Marc LINTS posted news 5 March 2019

Inscription des Cultures créoles au Patrimoine culturel immatériel de l’UNESCO

Le Groupe « Kiltir Kreol » a été installé sur LinkedIn pour permettre aux initiatives des personnes et institutions intéressées de par le monde à y participer.

Sarah Simpson posted news 15 February 2019
Programme: DEAR

During 2010 the European Commission initiated a study into Development Education and Awareness Raising in EU Member States.  The study led to the publication of three documents that can be downloaded by clicking on the link below:

Sean Johnson posted news 4 February 2019

SLAM pilot project coverageResults achieved in the SLAM pilot project have secured the support of all stakeholders, most importantly chiefdom communities and tradit

Sean Johnson posted news 17 December 2018

A national newspaper, the Times of Swazi