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Farmers’ organisations could play a larger role in rural development, according to one Asian farmers’ representative, who would like to see donors working more closely with farmers’ groups and even make direct funding allocations to support Capacity Development of such bodies.
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The world’s poorest populations are typically those most exposed to hazard, according to risk management expert Nicholas Freeland who offers some lessons on how donors can support vulnerable populations and enhance their coping strategies.
Thanks to a clever use of existing procedures, the European Union Delegation to Burkina Faso working in partnership with the government, successfully managed a seamless transition from an emergency intervention by the Commission’s humanitarian body, ECHO, to offering long-term support to more than 100,000 flood victims.
The Food and Agriculture Organisation and World Animal Health Organisation are preparing to formally announce the eradication of rinderpest, the most deadly cattle plague. A worldwide eradication campaign has received vital funding from the European Commission.
What kind of rural development should donors promote to tackle food insecurity and hunger? That’s the main question that attendees of the 3rd European Forum on Rural Development will be seeking to answer in Palencia, Spain, later this month.
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The roaming farming practices of nomadic pastoralists may appear to have altered little in hundreds of years, but in today’s unpredictable age of climate change these ancient practices may hold the key to flexible farming in hostile environments and donors should do more to support them, say experts.