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15 February 2016 to 17 February 2016
in (Belgium)
Organised byEuropean Commission - DG DEVCO - Unit C1 Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition

Presentations from this seminar are now available on ROSA. 

17 September 2013 to 18 September 2013
in 1210 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byEuropeAid, European Commission

The *Capitalization Seminar* targets grant beneficiaries (of Calls for Proposals 129200 and 129493) and will focus on capitalisation and exchange of experiences as well as on relevant management matters concerning finalisation and closure of projects. About 75 participants are foreseen.

26 November 2012 to 18 January 2013
in (Luxembourg)
Organised byEurostat

The e-learning on the /“Guide”/ aims at supporting the efficient use of
the /“Guide”/. It will give you guidance on using the /“Guide”/ for
specific needs, in the context of development cooperation.

At the end of the e-learning, you will know:

-why the /“Guide”/is relevant to your working reality and your needs in
your day-to-day work,

-when to use the /“Guide”/and how to use it efficiently; for example, how
to use statistics to support the formulation of a project/programme in a
specific sector;

-why statistics are essential for good governance.

This course consists of one e-module. Additionally, a further e-module will
be available in February 2013. This e-module 2 is not compulsory and is
directly oriented to the needs of participants in e-module 1.

The estimated workload for e-module 1 is 4 to 6 hours:

-2 to 3 hours to learn e-module 1

-2 to 3 hours to contribute to discussion fora, both on the content of
e‑module 1 and on the development of e-module 2.

You will be free to organise your work programme and distribute the 4 to 6
working hours as you want throughout a period of 6 weeks from 26/11/2012 to
18/01/2013 (excluding the 2 weeks break for Christmas and New Year, from
24/12/12 to 4/01/13).

The e-learning will be conducted in English. The course material is in
(NB: The “/Guide to statistics in European Commission development
cooperation” /itself is also available in French and Spanish)

You can apply to the course via