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  1. (2019) Study on Shock Responsive Social Protection in Latin America and the Caribbean: Summary of key findings and policy recommendations

    This study discusses evidence to inform practice for improved emergency preparedness and response in LAC, linked to more flexible national social protection systems. The focus is on national social...
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  2. World Bank 2018 - The Emergence of Adaptive Social Protection

    The State of Social Safety Nets 2018 aims to compile, analyze, and disseminate data and developments at the forefront of the social safety net (SSN)/social assistance (SA) agenda. This edition is...
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  3. Is Latin America retreating from individual retirement accounts - Center for Retirement Research-CRR 2009

    This brief reviews the two rounds of pension reforms to determine whether Latin American countries are moving away from individual pensions. Even though this region is quite heterogeneous, its labor...
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