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  1. Here is the Evaluation Report... so now what do we do?

    When we talk about evaluation, we often focus on its approaches and methods, how to undertake an evaluation, and the report. This is all very good and useful, but it is not the whole story. Evaluation is essentially part of a wider process of learning.
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  2. Because Women Matter: Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that allow women to change their lives

    Are you in charge of rural development/nutrition programmes but are not sure how to mainstream gender considerat ions and promote equality? This guide is for you. DEVCO ​C1 has published its guide: Because Women Matter - Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that all ow women...
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  3. The trends of current Vocational Education and Training reforms: a study commissioned from DEVCO B3

    In 2013 DEVCO - Unit B3 - decided to take stock of the Commission's support for TVET and Skills development in partner countries in preparation for reformulating strategy in this increasingly important field. For this purpose the Unit commissioned a study which produced an accurate mapping and...
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  4. The human Imagination and business development

    look around you.....everything created by man is a product of his imagination. the questions is....How can we build a great Business with limited access to funding? What are our options? How can Imagination be of help? Is financial capital the key to succesful Business? I remember the early years...
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  5. Matter for the SDGs - ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme

    Sand, gravel and salt may have a low price per tonne, but their value for domestic development and their potential for local employment creation is significant, especially when compared to the more talked about minerals like copper and gold. With 70% of the world’s population expected to live in...
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