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  1. PFM I - Public Finance Management: Systems and Principles

    Practical Information The course is intended for Commission staff, notably for DG Devco in HQ and Delegation. The course is also open to collegues from the European Institutions, notably DG ECFIN, ELARG, TRADE, ECHO and the EEAS. This course lasts 4.5 days and can take place both in Brussels (HQ)...
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  2. PFM I - La Gestion Des Finances Publiques (GFP)

    Information pratique Ce cours est destiné au personnel DEVCO au siège et en Délégation ainsi qu’au personnel des DG NEAR, EEAS, IPE ECFIN, TRADE and ECHO. Un nombre limité de places est disponible pour fonctionnaires des pays partenaires et personnel des agences de développement des Etats Membres...
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  3. Seminar on nutrition 19-21 March 2018 "The EC APN – Ensuring Quality Implementation"

    Image : Burundi, Rumonge, 13/12/2010 - A farmer woman consulting with an instructor in a Farmer Field School garden - Source : FAO/Giulio Napolitano The European Commission is organising a seminar on Nutrition entitled “The EU Action Plan on Nutrition: Ensuring Quality Implementation” and which...
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  4. Workshops on Joint Programming

    Regional Workshops, incl. reports (new series 2017-2018) Based on the good experience in 2014/2015, DEVCO and EEAS are organising regional workshops to help EU Delegations and Member States’ embassies and field offices implement joint programming more effectively, through sharing experiences and...
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  5. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" session 2 : comprehensive understanding of ‘malnutrition’

    This week, we would like to draw your attention to material that will inform the discussions on Day 1, Monday 19 March. The day's agenda flows from a strong grounding in a comprehensive understanding of ‘malnutrition’, that encompasses stunting, wasting, micronutrient deficiencies and overweight/...
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  6. Success stories

    Here you will find a series of success stories on the main topics of our group: environmental mainstreaming, climate change and green economy. Towards a more efficient, disaster-resilient and environmentally friendly health sector in Belize ECCM Facility: Supporting the Delegation of the EU to...
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  7. Nutrition seminar 19-21 March - "front-loading" session 3 : assessing results

    This week, we would like to share with you an online resource that is the only reading we consider as essential pre-reading for our discussions on Day 2. Entitled EC Nutrition Security and Enhancement: Assessing Results, it is a short document, but provides an important framing for our discussions...
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  8. Asian wildlife conservation strategy

    'Larger than Tigers: Inputs for a strategic approach to biodiversity conservation in Asia' was published in 2018. The study comprises two volumes - a ' Synthesis ' and a longer ' Regional Reports ' volume – on the current status, threats, challenges, existing conservation efforts and the strategic...
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