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Virunga: Preserving Africa’s national parks through people-centred development
Home to rare and endangered species, the Congo’s national parks are also sites of human conflict. Without addressing the material drivers behind ecological degradation, conservation risks a losing battle. For Virunga, tackling socio-economic challenges facing local populations was a necessity in preserving its natural heritage.
Reka Mazur uploaded a new Document 6 August 2015

By taking stock of moves in favour of sustainable production and consumption in six countries in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus, this publication can provide a platform for the exchange of best practices for the whole region.

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The incrEAST newsletter is a publication by the

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The report lists achievements and challenges of the NPD process in Georgia, started in 2010. It includes overview of water sector and a list of projects carried out in the field of water resources management by international agencies and donors in Georgia since 2001.

From18 June 2015
in (XX)
Organised byEaP GREEN / OECD

Annual meeting of the EaP GREEN Steering Committee.

From30 November 2015
in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan)
Organised byUNECE, OECD

The thirteenth NPD Steering Committee meeting for national stekeholders and international donors

From3 December 2015
in Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
Organised byUNECE, OECD

The ninth NPD Steering Committee meeting for national stakeholders and
international donors

From14 December 2015
in Yerevan (Armenia)
Organised byUNECE, OECD

The fourteenth Steering Committee meeting for national stakeholders and
international donors