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  1. Including Disability in All Aspects of Development

    The inclusion of disability in the Sustainable Development Goals is a breakthrough for the billion people around the world who experience some form of disability. Four-fifths live in developing countries, and although they are amongst the poorest, they often find their needs ignored by local...
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  2. Nutrition in the Post- 2015 Development Agenda: seizing the opportunity

    Issue No. 41 of SCN News, published in July/August 2015, considers the opportunities are for nutrition in the post-2015 development agenda and the emerging challenges. The articles in this issue bring together a diversity of views and perspectives on the importance of nutrition to the SDGs agenda,...
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  3. HiQSTEP - High Quality Studies to Support activities under the Eastern Partnership

    Overall Project Objective: Advance the development and the objectives of the Eastern Partnership countries in various areas in view of a closer cooperation of these countries with the EU and among the countries themselves. Project Purpose: Produce high quality studies on specific subjects as...
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    Completed project owned by PKM 12 January 2015
  4. The Women Get Back

    The group wants to transfer to youth workers/NGOs innovative training methodologies to improve guidance and professional training for young women
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    Public group owned by fruberto 26 May 2016