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  1. Ancient Practices with Modern Value

    The roaming farming practices of nomadic pastoralists may appear to have altered little in hundreds of years, but in today’s unpredictable age of climate change these ancient practices may hold the key to flexible farming in hostile environments and donors should do more to support them, say...
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  2. Sweet Solutions: How Honey Aids Development

    Wherever you are in the world, beekeeping is a guaranteed source of income. The international market varies but in developing countries honey production remains a vital means of subsistence. It supports the environment too, but plummeting bee numbers now jeopardise food chains in developing and...
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  3. 1.1 The Functional Analysis

    The functional analysis maps the value chain system by identifying the series of steps from the initial (agricultural) production to the final consumption (or export) and the actors involved at each stage. The activities/operations of these agents are geographically localized. They generate...
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  4. 1. The VCA4D methodology

    The EC/DEVCO is involved in supporting investment projects and policy dialogue (through budget support or other assistance schemes) to enhance development. To foster food and nutrition security, Value Chains (VC) are a major channel for agricultural development. They represent an operational...
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  5. Linking Emergency and Development in Burkina Faso

    Thanks to a clever use of existing procedures, the European Union Delegation to Burkina Faso working in partnership with the government, successfully managed a seamless transition from an emergency intervention by the Commission’s humanitarian body, ECHO, to offering long-term support to more than...
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