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  1. Trois nouvelles fiches d’action adoptées : DevRural II, Réconciliation II et Genre III

    Bonjour à tous, Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que le dernier Comité de Gestion du Fonds Bêkou a vu l’adoption de trois nouvelles fiches d’action : La 2ème phase du programme réconciliation (€5 millions) : elle prévoit la poursuite du soutien aux radios communautaires et intègre une...
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  2. Because Women Matter: Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that allow women to change their lives

    Are you in charge of rural development/nutrition programmes but are not sure how to mainstream gender considerat ions and promote equality? This guide is for you. DEVCO ​C1 has published its guide: Because Women Matter - Designing interventions in food, nutrition and agriculture that all ow women...
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  3. Call for applications: Sub-grants

    Dear network, We are pleased to announce that in the framework of the EU DEAR Project “ Trade Fair, Live Fair" (TFLF) managed by Fairtrade International, 2 sub-grant facilities have been put in place, to enable participation of local authorities and CSOs based in EU countries. 1. Sub-grant facility...
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  4. Matter for the SDGs - ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme

    Sand, gravel and salt may have a low price per tonne, but their value for domestic development and their potential for local employment creation is significant, especially when compared to the more talked about minerals like copper and gold. With 70% of the world’s population expected to live in...
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  5. The EU Supports Adaptation Strategies of Ten Banana Producing Countries

    With an erosion of their preferences to enter into the EU banana market, banana-exporting countries in the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) need to adapt. 2012 heralds the launch of the programming stage of the Banana Accompanying Measures (BAM), which provides a variety of...
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  6. Ancient Practices with Modern Value

    The roaming farming practices of nomadic pastoralists may appear to have altered little in hundreds of years, but in today’s unpredictable age of climate change these ancient practices may hold the key to flexible farming in hostile environments and donors should do more to support them, say...
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