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  1. Global Climate Change Alliance + flagship initiative (GCCA+) informal consultation meeting on "The role of CSOs in supporting the new European Consensus on Development under GCCA+ climate actions – experiences, oppo

    Context and Motivation: Climate change vulnerability and sustainable development are determined not only by exposure to climate events, but also by social or institutional assets within a determined...
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  2. MASA

    Le MASA a été officiellement créé lors de la deuxième Conférence des ministres de la Culture et de la Francophonie qui s’est tenue à Liège (Belgique) en 1990. Les ministres francophones réunis à...
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  3. EIARD meeting to discuss status of reform with the CGIAR Executive Management Team (first half hour only) and agree on final elements of statement for the 14th CGIAR System Council Meeting

    Elwyn Grainger-Jones and Claudia Sadoff of the CGIAR Executive Management Team joined the meeting for the first half hour to update EIARD members on various operational and management developments...
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