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  1. AVSI: Jacques Charmes de l'Equipe RNSF visite l’organisation artisanale des potières de Katiola (Côte d'Ivoire)

    Dans le cadre du suivi des activités du Projet Intégré d'Appui à l'Autonomisation des Artisans de Côte d'Ivoire que réalise AVSI avec UE, M. Jacques CHARMES de l'Equipe RNSF-UE-Bruxelles a visité l’organisation artisanale des potières de Katiola. Ces braves artisanes, font partie des 5.000...
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    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
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  3. The Power of Culture in Mali's Economic Development

    In Mali, the music industry is a small but significant driver of economic development bringing in much needed revenue and creating valuable jobs. With stronger political will from national governments and increased donor support, other African countries could follow Mali’s lead and harness the...
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  4. Culture For, and As Part of, Development

    A nation’s cultural heritage is part and parcel of understanding a country and its people, according to Webber Ndoro Director of the African World Heritage Fund, who believes many development projects have suffered from lack of cultural awareness and understanding.
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  5. Giving a Voice to the Voiceless in Zanzibar

    Fatm Said and her five children were forced from their home in Zanzibar at knife point. The man wielding the blade wasn’t a thief or local hoodlum but her husband wanting what he said was rightfully his – the house. And the local laws supported him.
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  6. Decentralised cooperation

    Informal space for exchnage of information and discussion on topics related to Decentralised cooperation. Find all info, reports, videos and pictures of the 2019 Forum Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation following this link www.RegioCitiesConf2019.eu
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