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  1. Building Ownership to Deliver Sustainable Water Aid

    When the children of Inyima in southeast Nigeria began to fall sick and die, villagers were horrified to learn that their own poor hygiene practices had contaminated the community’s drinking water, causing a deadly diarrhoea outbreak.
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  2. L’AFD parle du Fonds Bêkou au Parlement européen

    Ce mercredi 17 juin sous le parrainage du député européen Gilles Pargneaux - France, Groupe de l'Alliance Progressiste des Socialistes et Démocrates- le bureau de Bruxelles de l’AFD organisait au Parlement européen une conférence Idées pour le développement (ID4D) intitulée « Centrafrique : comment...
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  3. Presentations

    Please see here the different presentations available of the Africa Regional PFD Meeting: About the PFD EE for implementation of Agenda 2030 in Africa by Alliance Africa Fragility and migration by IOE PFD Research Ghana
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  4. Civil Society and Oil and Gas Governance in Ghana

    In 2007 commercially viable quantities of oil and gas were discovered in Ghana. The estimated revenue of the oil reserves is about $1 billion per year (approximately EUR 768 million), which is similar to the amount of development assistance received by Ghana annually. As is often said, natural...
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