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  1. Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN)

    By bringing top decision-makers from leading institutions, international development agencies and over 33 national governments affected by food insecurity to the table, and by setting up targets for the Post Millennium Development Goals, the SUN initiative is becoming a cornerstone in the fight to...
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  2. Agriculture’s Data Revolution

    “If we can replace the hand hoe with a smartphone as the most common tool in the hands of an African farmer, then we are halfway towards our dream,” said Theo de Jager, President of the Pan African Farmers Organisation and the Southern African Confederation of Agricultural Unions. That dream is to...
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  3. GCCA+ Community

    Sharing experiences and knowledge acquired while addressing climate change in development programmes
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  4. Fair Trade

    Fair trade gives smallholders, especially in the South, the opportunity to develop in a sustainable way. One of the most impor
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