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  1. Video: refugees and social entrepreneurship

    What can the traditional development actors learn from how the private sector engages on social issues? Most of today's refugees live not in camps, but in urban areas, where they might lack access to structured humanitarian and development assistance. To address this Sonia Ben Ali, Ashoka Belgium...
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  2. Asociación PROJUVEN (Spain)

    http://www.projuven.org/ PROJUVEN means proyecto juvenil (youth project). It stands for something dynamic. For our staff of professionals it means being social entrepreneurs and keeping the passion for social purposes, in a modern concept of NGO. We are organization, which creates opportunities for...
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  3. Tracking the Migrant Journey

    What obstacles do people – particularly women – face as they move between continents? And how can European countries better integrate migrants into the workforce once they arrive? These were among the issues tackled at the 2017 European Development Days in Brussels last month. But as those reaching...
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  4. Decentralised cooperation

    Informal space for exchnage of information and discussion on topics related to Decentralised cooperation. Find all info, reports, videos and pictures of the 2019 Forum Cities and Regions for Development Cooperation following this link www.RegioCitiesConf2019.eu
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    Public group owned by cauliba 21 May 2015
  5. DiversiNEET

    The aim of DiversiNEET is to raise the quality of youth workers training tools to manage the cultural diversity amongst EU NEETs and Migrant NEETs
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    Public group owned by fruberto 26 September 2016