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  1. Is African agriculture sustainable enough to support an agro-allied industrial development strategy? Evidence from Ghana and Nigeria

    Presented during the AEC 2016 , held in Abuja on 5-7 December 2016, this paper provides an overview of the meaning and conditions under which an agro-allied industrial development strategy in Africa could work. According to the authors, agro-industrialization presupposes the existence of a vibrant...
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  2. The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA 2016) on Climate change, agriculture and food security

    Agriculture, including forestry, fisheries and livestock production, generate around a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture must both contribute more to combating climate change while bracing to overcome its impacts, according to The State of Food and Agriculture 2016 which...
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  3. Bêkou aux "Cooperation Days 2016"

    Chers Membres de la "la communauté Bêkou", Du 29 février au 04 mars se sont tenus les "Cooperation Days 2016" à Bruxelles, lesquels ont réuni DG DEVCO et DG NEAR pour des sessions thématiques sur la coopération internationale. Lors de la présentation sur les résultats du Fonds Bêkou sur le terrain...
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  4. Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition - Fifth Version, October 2016

    This Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition (GSF) is a single, living document annually approved by the CFS Plenary (Committee on World Food Security). Its purpose is to improve coordination and guide synchronized action by a wide range of stakeholders. The GSF shall be flexible...
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  5. Embedding climate change in EU development cooperation for food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture - State of Play 2016

    In the framework of the Marrakech conference on Climate Change , the DG DEVCO, Unit C1, Rural Development, Food Security, Nutrition has produced a brief note on the "State of Play" of EU climate-...
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  6. COM(2016) 740 final - Proposal for a new European Consensus on Development - Our World, our Dignity, our Future

    On November 22 nd 2016, th e European Commission announced three Communications on a new Consensus for Development, on the building blocks for renewed Partnership with partner countries and on a sustainable European future. In the proposal for a new "European Consensus on Development" presented by...
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  7. Round Table of GDPRD’s Strategic Initiative Agenda 2030– New Momentum for Rural Transformation

    On the 13-14 October 2016 , the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, upon invitation of the Italian Agency for International Development, organised an event titled “ Round Table-The Future Donor Programmes in Rural Development ”. On this occasion, key messages of the Background Paper for...
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