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  1. OPSYS Workshop with pilot Delegations

    Our kick off workshop OPSYS on 10-12 October was a success. It was an exciting time! You will find below the final agenda, linked to the presentations given during the workshop. The minutes of the...
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  2. Forum

    Version française plus bas ---------------------------- This forum section provides you with a space to share experiences, discuss Development Minerals-related issues; ask for and receive help from other group members on other miscellaneous matters. Prior to posting your comment below, kindly make...
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  3. PFM I - Public Finance Management: Systems and Principles

    Practical Information The course is intended for Commission staff, notably for DG Devco in HQ and Delegation. The course is also open to collegues from the European Institutions, notably DG ECFIN, ELARG, TRADE, ECHO and the EEAS. This course lasts 4.5 days and can take place both in Brussels (HQ)...
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  4. “Using evaluations to see and influence change”, an Interview with Ms. Caroline HEIDER, Director General of the IEG (WB Group)

    The interview below was done by the Evaluation Support Service (ESS), a service to Unit 04 Results, Evaluation and Business Processes, of DG DEVCO. It addresses the critical question of the role of evaluations in generating knowledge on Aid, and helping the institution to learn from its experience...
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  5. A New Tool Assesses Capacity Development Gains

    Development professionals are regularly asked to assess results of Capacity Development programmes – a challenging task that is not always easily carried out. But a new tool, called the Rapid Assessment of Capacity, or RAC, has been designed with the intention of being fast, effective and low cost...
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  6. RIPSEC République démocratique du Congo - Formation sur la validation des résultats d’analyses médicales

    INRB/Kinshasa, 27-30 décembre 2017 Une formation de quatre jours a eu lieu à l’Institut National de Recherche Biomédicale (INRB) sur la validation des résultats de laboratoire . L’objectif principal était d’apprendre aux personnels techniciens et scientifiques de l’INRB l’importance, les principes...
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  7. Developments in Mapping Civil Society Organisations

    It has been a year since the European Commission adopted ‘The Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development: Europe’s Engagement with Civil Society in External Relations‘ Communication, which promotes a more strategic engagement of the EU with civil society. EuropeAid’s Virginia Manzitti reviews...
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