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  1. What Makes a Good Life?

    Munich’s traffic grinds to a halt as hundreds of people sashay, skip and groove their way through hushed streets, moving to a beat only the dancers can hear. This street action is part of a European Union supported project to raise awareness of how lifestyle choices impact climate change and the...
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  2. Motivating Young People to Engage in Global Development

    Projects funded by the EU’s Development Education and Awareness Programme considered how to motive young people to act and participate in global development at a learning and development hub in Sofia, Bulgaria on 2 and 3 April. The two-day event kicked off with a presentation from Dr Momodou Sallah...
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  3. DEAR at #EDD19: An Opportunity to Connect

    The DEAR Programme is at the European Development Days #EDD19, where attendees of the two day event can join representatives from four DEAR projects at Stand 24 to learn more about the programme and our objectives. "The European Development Days are an opportunity to connect with others working...
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  4. Our Program

    Click on here to access to our program Access to ICT skills and knowledge that promote local and global sustainable development is our chore. We believe that in this 21st century, human sustainable development requires public access to information, communication and technology. ICT skills and...
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