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  1. Did you hear about our hybrid solution to promote capacity building focused on knowledge of the SDGs, social empowerment and development?

    Did you hear that there are over 3 million people not in employment, education or training (NEETS) in South Africa, etc (see: comment ). KFDWB is looking for potential business partnerships, funders, sponsors, investors to provide high level quality development Training program and practices in the...
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  2. Uganda judgement on the closure of Bridge International Academies must signal a move towards fulfilling the right to education in Uganda and other countries

    There have been important developments this week regarding Bridge International Academies, the multi-million dollars international chain of schools backed the IFC, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Pierre Omidyar, the UK , the USA and others, which appears to have been operating dozens of schools...
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  3. The Light House of Hill : To Flourish Properly, Needs People Participation and Asset Based Development

    Very nice shiny morning. The hills show their natural beauty. Suddenly clouds have come and surrounded the whole area. After ten minutes, clouds have gone and everything gets clearly visible. It seems that the hilly area flourishing itself newly. Very nice moments for the travellers, come from the...
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