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Reka Mazur uploaded a new Document 6 February 2015

Annotated meeting agenda (EN)

Stephanie Franke uploaded a new Document 30 September 2015

The incrEAST newsletter is a publication by the

POLIMP EU Project posted Information 27 November 2015

In advance of COP21, more than 170 countries have so far pledged to implement national climate actions, INDCs.

Silvija Nora Kalnins posted Information 2 September 2015

Clima East Pilots and Policy projects held a joint regional seminar addressing specific challenges of climate change and eco-system based approach in peatlands.

POLIMP EU Project posted Information 1 October 2015

The 2nd Webinar of the POLIMP Webinar Series explored the recent legislative proposal for a revision of the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) adopted by the European Commission and assessed what impact the reforms could have on the EU meeting it’s 2030 Cl

Philip Bopst posted Information 28 April 2015

In an effort to demonstrate the value of Shared Environmental Information System (SEIS) in advancing the green growth and green economy, OECD, UNECE, UNEP and EEA were joining forces during the regional expert meeting in Paris 10-11 March 2015.

Laura Giappichelli posted Information 31 July 2015

In 2013, the EU launched a new programme on Green Economy in Belarus with the objective of supporting relevant  efforts at policy, legislative, institutional and operational levels. The programme also focuses on the promotion of sustainable consumption and production through pilot projects.

Reka Mazur uploaded a new Document 6 August 2015

The economic, social and environmental impacts of implementing Green Economy measures in the Republic of Moldova's agriculture, energy demand and energy supply sectors are comprehensively projected in this study.