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Mei Zegers posted Information 7 February 2018

Mei Zegers recently visited the interesting OSIRIS project in Senegal and-together with the implementing agency (Aide au Développement Gembloux)-identified several good practices. The project offers integrated services to rural inhabitants. Click the link above for a few details.

Pierre Berman asked a Question 10 October 2018

Here are the questions which were asked during the third #InformalTalks Webinar on “How to extend social protection to informal workers?” wh

Pierre Berman posted Information 9 March 2018

From a legal point of view, the concept of informality corresponds to the non-registration of an economic activity carried out by a person to the official registers.

Pierre Berman posted Information 13 December 2016

In this video interview with Prof. Jacques Charmes, our RNSF Research expert, you have a brief introduction to Social Protection. Jacques highlights the importance of social protection mechanisms for people depending on the Informal Economy and briefly analyses social security systems.