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Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 30 May 2017

An overview of processes and ideas that support learning from monitoring and evaluation during DEAR projects implementation - this was the objective of the Ljubljana Learning and Development Hub which has taken place in March 2017.

Joanna Martin uploaded a new Document 26 October 2018

The overall objective for GCCA Tanzania, funded by the European Union, is to strengthen the resilience of vulnerable Tanzanian rural communities to the adverse effects of climate change and contribute to poverty reduction.

Sandra Oliveira uploaded a new Document 22 June 2017
Programme: DEAR

This is a summary overview of the discussions and outcomes of the capitalisation workshop that took place in Brussels, on the 23rd and 24th March 2017.

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 19 July 2018

UNICEF/2017. Celada, Elena. 2017. “Social Protection in Madagascar: The Case of Cash Transfers: Capacity to respond to shocks and options forharmonization”, Study of the cash working group.

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 17 July 2018

UNICEF/2017. ENQUETE SUR L’UTILISATION DES KITS WASH. Improving the survival of children affected by severe acute malnutrition in the El Nino drought affected regions of southern Madagascar. ECHO-/SF/BUD/2017/91007

CARISMA Project uploaded a new Document 3 August 2017

This report includes system costs in the macroeconomic assessment of wind and PV moving beyond classical LCOE assessments of renewable energy expansion and showed the critical importance of incorporating macroeconomic effects and feedbacks for policy evaluation and design.

Rosalba Vendemia uploaded a new Document 19 July 2018

UNICEF/2017.Les principes sur les modalités des transferts monétaires en Urgence à Madagascar.