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Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 9 March 2018

Brève présentation de l'impact du projet PRAEJEM mené par Save the Children en Cote d'Ivoire, Mali et Burkina Faso.  

Pierre Berman uploaded a new Document 12 March 2018

Etude de l'impact du projet PRAEJEM mené par Save the Children en Cote d'Ivoire, Mali et Burkina Faso sur les conditions de vie des Enfants et jeunes travailleurs migrants (EJTM).

28 September 2017 to 29 September 2017
in Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byUNICEF, in partnership with the European Union, FAO, Finland, Germany, SIDA, UK aid, UNHCR, WFP and the World Bank

The conference will explore effective social protection in fragile contexts; the needs of forcibly displaced populations and host communities; and the role of social protection. There will be a strong focus on building synergies across the development and humanitarian divide, including lessons fo

From2 October 2014
in 1040 Brussels (Belgium)
Organised byInternational Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, European Commission, Policy Forum on Development

On the occasion of the Policy Forum on Development

8 October 2018 to 10 October 2018
in Gaborone (Botswana)
Organised byPolicy Forum on Development together with members and partners in Africa

The regional meeting is an opportunity to review the main discussions and outcomes of the African Union – European Union summit in Abidjan held in November 2017, and look at the implications going forward.

Over the last three years, Marcus Cornaro worked as Deputy Director General for International Cooperation and Development (DG DEVCO). Before taking up his new post as Head of the European Union Delegation to South Africa, he spoke to about his views on development, the problems we’re facing today in the neighbourhood region, the migratory crisis and his hopes for his new post.
30 May 2014 to 1 June 2014
in (Brazil)
Organised byIOM in close cooperation with its partner, FIIAPP

On the occasion of the *1st National Conference on Migration and Refugee*
(COMIGRAR) in São Paulo, Brazil, from 30 May to 1 June 2014, FIIAPP
presented the EU-LAC Project.

The objective was to *bring together different sectors and actors* (academic,
public officials at regional, national and state levels, Non-Governmental
Organisations, migrant associations, etc.) *involved in Migration* in order
to debate and generate *collective reflection* with a view to *enrich the
construction and implementation of Public Policies relating to Migration.*

**Read more.* [1] *


4 June 2014 to 6 June 2014
in (Ecuador)
Organised byIOM in close cooperation with its partner, FIIAPP

The *National Institute of Statistics and Census *(INEC), the *Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility *and the *Ministry of Interior *with the
support of the *IOM *and the *European Union in Ecuador*, organised the
**workshop "Migration Statistics in Ecuador: Reality, potential and
prospects"* [1]*held on 4, 5 and 6 June 2014 in Hotel *Quito*.
The workshop brought together over *50 participants* from ministries, public
institutions and international organizations that offer, compile or use
migration statistics.
For this event, IOM coordinated the participation and presence of the
*international experts* Gladys Massé (Argentina) and William Mejia
(Colombia), together with delegates of IOM, who provided new information and
shared regional experiences.
The workshop "Migration Statistics in Ecuador: Reality, potential and
prospects" was a *space to stimulate inter-agency and governmental discussion
*based on the experiences and work that Ecuador has been developing in
*migration statistics*. Thus, this activity aimed to review the
*achievements, weaknesses and challenges *in order to *strengthen national
data collection, processing and exchange of statistical information*.
The INEC, as the ruling body of official statistics in the country, along
with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior sought to
highlight these efforts and emphasize the *importance of migration statistics
of quality for the development of public policies*.
During the workshop, the Commission on Migration Statistics – comprising
the ministries directly related with the issue, such as the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, the Ministry of Interior, the
Coordinating Ministry of Social Development, and under the leadership of INEC
– met to develop a *Work Plan to improve the quality of migration
statistics* for the next two years, in which a plan of action was defined,
including products and timelines.
The event not only facilitated an exchange between different providers of
migration statistics and provided for the drafting of a plan of action and a
road map for the Commission on Migration Statistics, but also *strengthened
relationships for future cooperation* with the INEC and, building on the
debates and discussions, paved the way for greater cooperation, harmony and
security with respect to the quality of migration statistics.

*Read more. [2] *


1 October 2014 to 3 October 2014
in (Trinidad and Tobago)
Organised byIOM in close cooperation with its partner, FIIAPP

In response to the *interest expressed by Trinidad and Tobago *to participate
in the Pilot Projects on Migration and Employment, a *workshop was organised
*for *public national administrations *that presented the main topics covered
since the beginning of the project in Component 2, focusing on *Institutional
Strengthening and Migration and Employment Policies*.

This activity took place *from 1 to 3 October 2014 *and was coordinated by
FIIAPP with the support of the* Ministry of National Security of Trinidad and
*This workshop included the participation of:
*Officials working for the following institutions of Trinidad and Tobago:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Labour and Small
Micro-Enterprise Development, Ministry of National Security, and Ministry of
Planning and Sustainable Development.

**The workshop was developed by FIIAPP team together with the experts and the
delegates of the participating institutions through:

* *Presentations:* to introduce the different theoretical components through
sessions held by international experts, international organisms and
delegates of the Public Administrations.
* *Activities and practical exercises: *to analyse and incorporate in a
dynamic way the presented questions made to the participants. The
exercises will be made in groups.

*Workshop aimed *to present and discuss on:
* the contents, links and procedures (know-how) to facilitate the
*employment-related policies, priorities and interests which are
incorporated into migration policies*,
* the *capitalization of knowledge and skills *as a *tool *with *enormous
potential for employment *in the current context of migration in the