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  1. Budget support and environment

    Dear all, the EC will most probably put in place a budget support programme for the environmental "sector" in Algeria... does any of you know if this has already been done in other countries? I am looking for exemples..we will soon start working on the matrix and any experience could be of help...
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  2. Nouvelle interface du site internet de l'APV-FLEGT Congo http://apvflegtcongo.org/

    La nouvelle interface du site internet de l'APV-FLEGT Congo http://apvflegtcongo.org a été conçue de manière à répondre aux besoins en information des différents acteurs de l'APV-FLEGT Congo. Une identité visuelle, de nouvelles rubriques, des contenus actualisés, une ergonomie simplifiée et...
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  3. Just a welcome-back post

    Dear delegates colleagues and friends, for the ones who have already returned to their countries after the event in Montevideo, I hope you have made a good journey as I did coming back to Rome. I would like to thank you all for the great work we have done together in Montevideo that was due to our...
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