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  1. Guidance Manual on Value Transfer Methods for Ecosystem Services

    Publication Date: 2013 This guidance manual is designed to help a broad audience to understand the available information on the values of ecosystem services and how this information can be used to...
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  2. The financing decision for the Annual Action Programme 2015 of GPGC/Environment and Climate Change has been adopted by the Commission. New projects for B4Life!

    Twenty-five new projects and programmes, to be funded by the Environment & Climate Change allocation of the Global Public Goods and Challenges thematic programme of the Development Cooperation Instrument, have been adopted by the European Commission for its Annual Action Plan 2015 on 11 August...
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  3. SDGs Italy

    Hello, I want to found a World Cultural Association, E.R.M.A. (European Rural, World Associations), to create this blessed institution, the president serves as the secretary and a counselor. You want to be the founder, (a person who wants to learn and manage by living his own ecological footprint...
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