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  1. New Atlas Shows Africa's Mountains Underpin the Continent's Development

    The Atlas contains detailed mapping of how strategic interventions and innovations are improving the food security and livelihoods of mountain communities in different parts of Africa. An estimated 97 per cent of Cape Town’s water supply relies on surface water from mountain catchment areas. Cairo/...
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  2. Los guardianes del bosque amazónico: la importancia ecológica, social y cultural de los pueblos indígenas y las comunidades locales para la conservación de las áreas protegidas

    En Los guardianes del bosque amazónica se busca resca­tar el aporte que las comunidades locales y los pueblos indígenas con sus saberes hacia la conservación y manejo de sus recursos naturales y a...
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  3. Five Major New IPBES Assessment Reports: A General Primer

    The world’s biodiversity is being lost and nature’s contributions to people are being degraded, which undermines human wellbeing. The success of humanity’s efforts to reverse the current unsustainable use of our irreplaceable natural assets and heritage requires the best-available evidence,...
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