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  1. Global Engineer - Sharing the GDEE project results

    The ‘ Global Dimension in Engineering Education ’ (GDEE) project is an initiative that aims to increase the awareness, critical understanding and attitudinal values of undergraduates and postgraduates students in technical universities across Europe related to Sustainable Human Development (SHD)...
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  2. Guyana and the EU concluded the third Voluntary Partnership Agreement negotiation session

    Guyana and the EU held the third formal VPA negotiation session on 16 April in Georgetown. Technical discussions focused on a variety of topics including: product scope, legality definition, compliance framework, market scope, social and environmental criteria, transit and imported timber, land use...
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  3. Comité de Seguimiento al proyecto Fortalecimiento al Pacto Intersectorial por la Madera Legal

    Se realizó el primer comité de seguimiento al proyecto Fortalecimiento al Pacto Intersectorial por la Madera Legal en Colombia, desarrollado en el marco del convenio UE FAO FLEGT, con la Corporación Autónoma Regional de Risaralda CARDER y con el respaldo del Ministerio de Ambiente y Desarrollo...
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  4. European Parliament delegation exchanges views on the VPA negotiations between Honduras and the EU

    In its October meeting, the European Parliament delegation for relations with the countries of Central America exchanged views on the 4th round of negotiations between Honduras and the EU on a VPA. More information: Minutes of the Delegation's meeting in English En su reunión de octubre, la...
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  5. VPA process in Honduras, video of Democracy Without Border Foundation

    The video produced by the FDsF summarizes the experience of participation of civil society organizations through the Environmental Governance Platform of Olancho. The FAO FLEGT Programme of the EU supported the activities of the FDsF to strengthen the platform and produce the video. Link to Youtube...
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