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  1. Making ‘zero-deforestation’ commodity production and trade a reality

    The major threat to tropical forests today comes not from loggers but from large-scale forest clearance to meet rising demand for agricultural commodities. Recognising this, governments and businesses around the world are increasingly pledging to eradicate deforestation from supply chains of such...
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  2. EU and Congo assess progress towards timber legality verification and other VPA goals

    The Republic of the Congo and the European Union held the sixth meeting of their Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) Joint Implementation Committee (JIC) in Brazzaville on 17 and 22 May 2017. The JIC reviewed the progress in VPA implementation since its last meeting in December 2016. Points...
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  3. EC conference on deforestation and illegal logging – follow live online

    On 21-23 June, the European Commission welcomes in Brussels stakeholders from around the world to discuss the way forward on tropical deforestation and illegal logging. The Illegal Logging and Deforestation conference will take stock of progress and explore opportunities for impactful future action...
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  4. Civil society sharing lessons on participation and forest governance

    When civil society organisations in Indonesia began proposing ways to end illegal logging, they knew they had a mountain to climb. In 2002, some 80 percent of logging there was illegally. Corruption and conflict were widespread. Trust was lacking. By 2016, however, Indonesia had largely brought its...
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