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Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 7 July 2014
Group: Medculture

EUROPAID a publié un avis de pré-information relatif à un marché de service restreint pour le Programme d'appui à la protection et valorisation du patrimoine culturel en Algérie (PATRIMOINE), sous le numéro de réfé

4 June 2014 to 6 June 2014
in (Ecuador)
Organised byIOM in close cooperation with its partner, FIIAPP

The *National Institute of Statistics and Census *(INEC), the *Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility *and the *Ministry of Interior *with the
support of the *IOM *and the *European Union in Ecuador*, organised the
**workshop "Migration Statistics in Ecuador: Reality, potential and
prospects"* [1]*held on 4, 5 and 6 June 2014 in Hotel *Quito*.
The workshop brought together over *50 participants* from ministries, public
institutions and international organizations that offer, compile or use
migration statistics.
For this event, IOM coordinated the participation and presence of the
*international experts* Gladys Massé (Argentina) and William Mejia
(Colombia), together with delegates of IOM, who provided new information and
shared regional experiences.
The workshop "Migration Statistics in Ecuador: Reality, potential and
prospects" was a *space to stimulate inter-agency and governmental discussion
*based on the experiences and work that Ecuador has been developing in
*migration statistics*. Thus, this activity aimed to review the
*achievements, weaknesses and challenges *in order to *strengthen national
data collection, processing and exchange of statistical information*.
The INEC, as the ruling body of official statistics in the country, along
with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Interior sought to
highlight these efforts and emphasize the *importance of migration statistics
of quality for the development of public policies*.
During the workshop, the Commission on Migration Statistics – comprising
the ministries directly related with the issue, such as the Ministry of
Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility, the Ministry of Interior, the
Coordinating Ministry of Social Development, and under the leadership of INEC
– met to develop a *Work Plan to improve the quality of migration
statistics* for the next two years, in which a plan of action was defined,
including products and timelines.
The event not only facilitated an exchange between different providers of
migration statistics and provided for the drafting of a plan of action and a
road map for the Commission on Migration Statistics, but also *strengthened
relationships for future cooperation* with the INEC and, building on the
debates and discussions, paved the way for greater cooperation, harmony and
security with respect to the quality of migration statistics.

*Read more. [2] *


14 March 2016 to 18 March 2016
in Washington D.C. (United States)
Organised byWorld Bank

This edition of the conference [1] will pay special attention to working at
scale, mainstreaming innovations, and sustaining investments for greater

Recording of rights for all is increasingly within reach, with services
becoming more affordable and appropriate, making tenure more secure.
Technology innovations make geospatial data increasingly accessible, along
with the growth in capacity to automate processes and manage information,
consumer feedback, and electronic payments. Experience with managing
systematic registration at-scale and fit-for purpose approaches,
participatory mapping, and other forms of crowd sourcing are expanding. The
question is no longer whether it can be done but to guarantee inclusiveness,
sustainability, reliability, keeping systems current, building capacity and
to ensure that better land information and more tenure security contribute to
wider societal goals.  Achieving change requires policy space, leadership,
courage and sustained effort over time. In particular, land needs to be fully
integrated in country strategies, supported by the Finance and Development
Ministries in order to transcend policy cycles.  


Arnold Jacques de Dixmude uploaded a new Document 27 August 2014

In February 2014 the European Commission adopted a Communication, 'the EU approach against wildlife trafficking', which takes stock of EU involvement in global efforts to combat the problem.

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 24 April 2014
Group: Medculture

Mise en lumière des enjeux : la réalité des mobilités culturelles entre les Balkans, l’Europe et le monde arabe

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 22 May 2014
Group: Medculture

عقد برنامج ""ثقافةميد" الممول من الاتحاد الأوروبي والذي اطلق منذ فترة قريبة، مشاورات مع ممثلين عن وزارة الثقافة الفلسطينية والوزارات الفلسطينية المعنية في 21 من أيار الجاري في مركز خليل السكاكيني الثقافي

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Tomás Pallás Aparisi
16 September 2013

PACSES es el Apoyo Presupuestario dotado con mayor presupuesto del CSP 2007-2013 en El Salvador. Comunidades Solidarias es el SPSU del país.

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From9 December 2016
in Paris (France)
Organised byGRET

In the framework of the work done by the Agriculture and Food Security Commission of the N

Susana Martins posted Information 26 June 2013

the_guide_0.pngThe new edition updated for 2013, is aimed at supporting EU staff in the delegations and other services in the Commission working in cooperation and

Suhair Muhye Al Deen posted Information 3 July 2014
Group: Medculture

On July 2 & 3, the regional EU-funded programme Med Culture held consultation meetings in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa with representatives of Israeli ministries and cultural practitioners.