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Bethany Speer posted Information 30 May 2013

The Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Global Partnership is pleased to announce our newly expanded, no-fee remote Expert Assistance service.

Javier Burgos posted Information 4 June 2018

The high authority of the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) approved and signed the “National Laboratory Policy of Haiti “(NLP).

Javier Burgos posted Information 28 January 2019

Juin 2018, Haïti détient officiellement sa première Politique Nationale de Laboratoires (PNL). Un grand pas pour le secteur santé en particulier celui du Laboratoire qui a été longtemps négligé.

Javier Burgos posted Information 20 June 2019

Le Laboratoire National de Santé Publique (LNSP) du Ministère de la Santé publique et de la Population (MSPP) vient d’être désigné Centre National de Référence pour le Système mondial de surveillance de la grippe et de riposte pour Haïti.

Javier Burgos posted Information 26 January 2018

"The SPHaïtiLab project represents a real added value for the health system, and more specifically the laboratory system in Haiti". This is the main conclusion of the mid-term external evaluation of this public health project. 

Javier Burgos posted Information 11 May 2018

SPHIP provide national health authorities and stakeholders with evidence-based and locally adapted policy advice, training and other support to feed decision and policy making in Public Health.

Javier Burgos posted Information 25 July 2018

Le Ministère de la Santé Publique et de la Population (#MSPP) a lancé, officiellement, le mardi 19 juin 2018 au Karibe Convention Center, la Politique Nationale des Laboratoires d’Haïti.

Javier Burgos posted Information 31 August 2018

« I declare: the document concerning the National Laboratory Policy of Haiti, document of development of the public health of Haiti », These are the words pronounced by the Minister of Public Health and Population, Dr.