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To whom is a private sector consultant accountable, the donor paying their bill or the country to which they are providing technical assistance? Private sector consultants are widely used in managing and implementing Public Finance Management reform, yet questions of accountability, and consultants' role in influencing the reform agenda is under examined. 
Over the past couple of years a number of donor agencies have adopted Political Economy Analysis tools to assist development practice. The European Union Delegation to Zambia recently carried out two pilot political economy studies. Their experience provides lessons for developing an EC tool.
Several European Commission evaluations confirm that Budget Support can be a useful instrument to support policy implementation and reforms in developing countries. But it can only contribute to positive change, experts warn, if there is a strong political commitment from partner governments.
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The Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability Framework (PEFA) has been praised as a useful tool to underpin Public Finance Management (PFM) reforms by representatives of Latin American countries at a recent seminar in Brussels.
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Raising taxes is at the heart of nation-building. Nations cannot own their development processes if a great part of the efforts behind them is funded by external agencies. Moreover, as many donors now face increasing budget constraints, raising funds through taxation is more important than ever in developing countries.